WAR ROOM: A close look at what God is doing through the...

    WAR ROOM: A close look at what God is doing through the Christian Film industry

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    A close look at what God is doing through the Christian Film industry and the Kendrick Brothers.

    When we asked how the Kendricks choose their projects, the brothers responded: “It’s always an adventure, but not always easy. We are often praying and asking God what He wants us to do next. When a project is from Him, there will be a mutual peace and sense of rightness about its direction and timing that will be confirmed repeatedly with counsel and His Word. Consequently, the movies and storylines have come more as a calling than some cool plotline idea. Over the years, we’ve discovered there is a huge difference between a good idea and a God-idea. Good ideas may impress, but God-ideas will impact for eternity. So, we will go through a season of prayer, sometimes lasting a few years and ask God to show us what is on His heart and to give us storylines and scriptural truths that He wants us to focus on at that time. The plot of the movie WAR ROOM is an inspiring journey showing how to fight your battles on your knees strategically in prayer. It’s been amazing to watch God work in and through this. We saw many answers to prayer on set and now see the Lord’s wisdom in the timing of this movie hitting now with what is going on in our nation. The church needs to learn to pray in unity and in power again. And we’re seeing a hunger for this in the body of Christ right now. We are excited about what a renewed emphasis on prayer could mean for families and the church.

    Alex shared his hopes for WAR ROOM. “We want audiences of all ages to show up en mass this Fall with their friends and enjoy a very entertaining, faith-based emotional roller coaster, but still safe for the whole family to enjoy together. We pray that the movie will be a catalyst to inspire greater faith, hope, and love in viewers. It’s always needed and always changes things for the better. Lastly, this movie packs a strong message about the power of prayer. We believe that what God did with marriages through FIREPROOF and with fatherhood through COURAGEOUS, He will do with strategic prayer through WAR ROOM. As the tag-line states, prayer is a powerful weapon.  We know that prayer works and is so needed right now. There is so much division, hurt, and hopelessness right now in our cities and nation. We’ve forgotten that America was founded by people of prayer. The stats show that married couples and families that pray are exponentially stronger. Everything can change in anyone’s life when they genuinely connect with God and begin to encounter Him personally through answered prayer. There is no issue or problem in our homes, families, or nation that prayer cannot address if we would learn to approach God the right way and pray in faith.”


    The Kendrick brother ask that you join in the movement and in believing God to do “more than we can ask or imagine” through the message of WAR ROOM. Pray for a worldwide return to prayer by the people of God, for homes and families to be drawn together on their knees, for cities and nations to be spiritually restored and healed! To God be the glory!