How God’s Word Taught Me to Eat My Vegetables

How God’s Word Taught Me to Eat My Vegetables

The first chapter of the first book ever written – Genesis – starts with God Creating all things, one by one; ultimately crescendoing into the last and GREATEST of God’s Creation – you and me!

As a child, this story taught me about God’s unique Power and Ability to create everything. Today, though, this same chapter has taught me so much more about God’s Wisdom, Creativity, Forethought, and Passion for us.

Over the years I’ve concluded that God Designed Mankind as the Crowning Jewel of all His Creation, meticulously providing our every need through the rest of His Creation! As a good Father, God wants us to lack nothing. So He has extravagantly showed His love by creating everything FOR US.

In Genesis 1:29, God explains, 29 “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food (NIV).

As a child, I HATED vegetables! You couldn’t get me to eat them for anything. Nutrients, I thought, were designed by nutrition companies and taken when one becomes ill. Little did I know that these nutrients were designed by God and KEEP US FROM GETTING ILL.

You know what got me to begin eating vegetables? Genesis 1:29! You see, as I was rereading Genesis while also studying the human body, I began to notice that everything that God created exists to serve us! You and I are Royal, and all Creation knows it. Creation sees our image and they clearly see the image of our Royal God!

Consider, for starters, plants and vegetables: they only exist to serve us! The human body desperately needs the very nutrients that the Designer of my body also Created in vegetables. In studying nutrition and its relationship to us, I’ve learned that plants grow out of the same mineral-rich soil from which we were formed – ultimately providing the same life-essential minerals and antioxidants for our genes to thrive! And vegetation further serves us by using their energy to create oxygen for us!

Furthermore, vegetable fibers, which we cannot fully digest, remain in our gut to feed our probiotics (which, by the way, also come to us by way of our vegetables.) Ultimately, probiotics are fueled by vegetable fibers to defend us, make vitamins for us, enhance hormones, and build up our immune forces. Interestingly, by being fed plant fibers, probiotics produce short-chained fats which fuel our colon cells to help us eliminate properly.

Green vegetables also provide cross-shaped enzymes (called cytochrome P450 enzymes) which help our liver detoxify and purify our blood, while simultaneously providing antioxidants which help us defend against disease and dysfunction.

Today I can say that I love vegetables, not just for their taste (which, by the way, I now like) but for their power to empower my health and the Royal health of those whom God entrusts my way!

Dr. Tony Ganem is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Functional Nutritionist teaching Southern Californians how to identify unhealthy patterns by way of lab work, and creating customized health plans for each person to thrive! He serves his patients by way of in-office, phone and Skype appointments. Contact his office at