A True Blessing to SoCal

A True Blessing to SoCal


Many restaurants in Orange County are placing an importance on natural, Non GMO and healthy foods. The city of Anaheim, amongst many in Southern California is experiencing a growing trend towards Organic and non GMO foods with a modern flair for top quality foods. An increasing number of consumers are starting to understand how terrible and frightening our Food system is becoming and leaning more towards the natural way of life as God intended.We decided that this winter season we would originally created for us on earth. True Seasons Organic Kitchen stood out the most for the magazine for so many reasons; One being the heart to help feed the homeless and less fortunate. Chef Saifon and the team are dedicated to donating a portion of the proceeds of every check to local OC-based non-profit, The Free Pantry, which is committed to providing the homeless and less fortunate with groceries and other assistance. The locally sourced, “seed to plate” organic offerings include hot pot, organic wraps, salad and rice bowls, handmade fruit popsicles, and organic, fresh-pressed juices. True season’s Organic kitchen became quickly the restaurant of choice to highlight.

Chef Saifon’s true passion for food starts with the seed. She believes in the healing properties of organic and healthy food. She also believes healthy and delicious food shouldn’t be complicated – there are no secrets in her kitchen. She uses clean and simple herbs and spices with natural, pure ingredients to create exciting flavors. She goes 2 to 3 times a week to farmer’s markets, works closely with local Farms in Orange county and is even has been known to go direct to the fishermen for fresh local seafood. “It’s my way of giving back to the farmers and it’s very nurturing for me”, quoted Chef Saifon. That is why Chef Saifon, who is very passionate about healthful, organic ingredients and locally-sourced products, has been named ONE OF O.C.’S BEST RESTAURANTS FEATURING ORGANIC FOODS.

The style of this restaurant is simple and as organic as it can get. The flavors are naturally derived from all the vegetables and God given foods so you can be certain that you will never get processed, additives, or chemicals in your food.

Hot pot is a fun and interactive way of dining where you can design your bowl to your own tastes. It is a perfect way to go when you have diners with specific health needs. It is easy to put a vegetarian meal together, to do a non-gluten experience or even intensify the flavors with one of their special sauces. All of the meats are organic and the seafood is not farmed.

The experience begins with water in your own individual hot pot at the counter. To the water, several bases can be added such as, organic spicy or non spicy miso, spicy Thai lemongrass or even a gluten-free base. As the broth begins to boil, fresh vegetables can be added to it. The veggie selection varies according to the season, but may include items such as fresh tofu, cabbage and organic kale to name a few. Shortly after the veggies had begun to be cooked, our plates of protein arrived.

We got an assortment, including organic grass-fed beef and organic chicken. As each item goes into the pot, the flavor of the broth just kept intensifying. The beef was great and the Chicken was excellent adding tons of natural flavors to the meal.

They also have different items on the menu besides Hot pot, they have organic wraps, rice bowls and salad bowls as well as excellent dessert including Snow shaved Organic Mango to Organic handmade popsicles.